Who We Are
The CIB-CSIC HUB is the ideal scientific structure to carry out multidisciplinary projects of excellence because it has:
  • Researchers with expertise in a range of different yet complementary techniques
  • A comprehensive research program on the Structural Biochemistry of macromolecular complexes relevant for Biotechnology and Biomedicine
  • The most advanced technological resources
  • A solid record of collaboration between groups from both Institutes.

Institute of Physical Chemistry "Rocasolano"

The research interests of the IQFR include the application of physical-chemical techniques to problems of biological interest. Our research priorities include a variety of subjects, such as structural biology, functional biophysics, chemical kinetics and reactivity, computational chemistry and physics, laser design and applications, or surface structure and chemistry, together with other topics connected to interdisciplinary research in the field materials science and nanotechnology and the molecular basis of biological processes. .
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Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas

The research interests of the CIB include develop a quantitative understanding of specific biological problems at different levels of complexity through the physics and chemistry of proteins and other biological molecules, to predict essential biological functions and to design biomedical and/or biotechnological applications.
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